Decrease in air quality in Chennai suburb worry many

By NT Bureau Published on Feb 09, 2018 04:19 PM IST

Chennai: Relentlessly increasing air pollution in Chrompet, especially at Bharathipuram, Bashyam Nagar, Old Hastinapuram, Krishna Nagar and NGO Colony, has already reached an alarming stage with residents complaining of various health issues in recent times.

Bhavani of Raghavi Street, said, "‘There is heavy air pollution owing to garbage being burnt in the open spaces here. Adding to the woes, fire crackers are burnt in the odd hours during the night time. The smog in the air prevails for a long time, making it difficult to breathe’."

Bhavani who has been residing in the area for the past seven years, was recently diagnosed with chronic bronchitis.

She said, "Residents living in the area are ignorant about the perils of air pollution, dust from construction activities, and waste in Chitlapakkam dump yard.  ‘I am afraid that my child and me will end up being diagnosed with lung cancer in the future. I have complained to the officials concerned in Pallavaram Municipality, but they were unable to make any headway’," she rued.

Another resident Harikumar, said, ‘"The major cause is tanneries which discharge chemicals into the air without purifying. This poses serious threat to the lives of residents. But public no longer raise this as an issue and demand for regulation. Similarly, industries discharge effluents into the canal without processing. If this continues, groundwater will be regarded unfit for consumption.’"

"‘The sight of smoldering rubbish piles, which contain anything from food waste to plastics to electronics is constant’," stated Vasudevan, another resident.

‘"We have made repeated requests, but in vain. A public awareness campaign is the need of the hour to address the problem effectively’," he added.