What colour can a man choose to dye his hair?

By Swedha Radhakrishnan Published on Sep 08, 2017 07:40 PM IST

A man and still thinking of changing hair colour or hiding your greys? Then here are some hair colour ideas.

How does one go about selecting the right shade? The trick is in your matching it with your skin tones and complexions. One can also try edgy hues for radical transformations.

Opal hair colour

If you have thought that opal hair colour trend is only for women, think twice. This colour has a cool undercut. Colouring a portion of the Mohawk haircut creates a bold yet masculine effect. The hair at the crown is long enough to comb back and give it a classic touch. No doubt this style has been created according to the latest standards.

Bold bowl haircut in green

Have you ever seen a bolder look than this one? I strongly doubt! When we look at this haircut we see professionalism of the stylist. The sharp lines and razor patterns make the look quite edgy and unique. The green hair colour works against the skin shade. Keep the style sleek and polish to display every single element.

Pink hair don’t care

Whether men can pull off women’ favourite pink shade is a question that needs to be pondered. Well, I assure you, they can! This is not simple as it is spiced up with a rich pink hair dye. No beard, no bold patterns, but still the colour looks masculine. It flatters the complexion while creating a sophisticated style.

Purple hair with rainbow beard

Here is another extreme look that involves colouring the strands purple and going for rainbow beard. The person has to be brave enough to wear the look. When it comes to styling, whatever you choose to wear, you will definitely stand out in the crowd.

Blue ombre hair

Blue hair colour will definitely lift up the dull hair. The colour is interesting, vibrant and looks amazing in an ombre pattern. Use light blue on the lower section and blue tone on the base of the hair. This colour is great for people with medium skin tone and curly hair type.

Grey hair

This natural hair colour is among the latest trends. No one will guess whether this man obtained it naturally or coloured his strands with grey tint. Nowadays, the mixture of white and black is associated with race. The length of hair is not important since it looks gorgeous on any length.