There is a new Mojo in the making

By S Ben Raja Published on Oct 10, 2017 03:19 PM IST


Recently, fresh spy shots of a Mahindra Mojo on test surfaced online. The bike that has not been camouflaged has been caught testing somewhere in Maharashtra. Going by the looks, Mahindra has for the first time stripped the Mojo of many features in order to undercut many other bikes in its price segment. Sources said this new variant of Mahindra's flagship bike will be launched early next year after showcasing in the 2018 Auto Expo in New Delhi.

Mahindra Mojo is, indeed, a unique product in India. Showcased by Mahindra for the first time in the 2010 Auto Expo, it took the brand a good five years to launch it in the country in 2015. But, five years of efforts didn't go vain as the Mojo is still lauded for its quality and touring friendly features.

For example, it gets the premium Pirelli tyres, segment's biggest 21 litre fuel tank, company-made touring accessories and the most appreciated stock DB killer option. The stock DB killer has enabled the Mojo create one of the best and loud exhaust notes. At present, Mojo is the only option for tourers if Royal Enfield Himalayan and the latest kid on the block, Bajaj Dominar 400, are not on the list.

After Bajaj launched the Dominar 400 in December 2016 with a competitive starting price of Rs 1.38 lakh, Mojo felt overpriced overnight as its ex-showroom price is Rs 1.73 lakh. It is around Rs 35,000 costlier than the non-ABS Dominar.

Not only that, Dominar also beats the Mojo in overall performance and feature list as it has got the segment first LED headlights, slipper clutch and a perimeter frame. This has also reflected in sales as the Dominar has sold more than the Mojo throughout its stint in India.

The latest Mojo on test is Mahindra's response to the Dominar and the likes as the pictures emerged online give us a lot of cost-cutting clues. The test bike was equipped with a fuel knob indicating that the new Mojo is likely to omit fuel injection system for a conventional carburetor. So, the bike might lose some horse power for the compromises done here but there won't be extraordinary difference.

Secondly, the test bike had a single exhaust against the current Mojo's dual exhaust system. So, the new Mojo might lose the extra sound. But wait, it will lose additional weight as well, increasing the power-to-weight ratio, a compliment.

Thirdly, the test bike has lost the beautiful upside down forks of the current model. It just sported the conventional telescopic forks. Finally, the test bike has lost the premium Pirelli Diablo Rosso tyres as MRF tyres were seen in their place.

With all these cost-cutting measures, Mahindra can not only price the new Mojo similar to that of the Dominar but can also undercut it if there is any need. Mahindra is also known for undercutting its rivals in price in the past. Case in point is the Centuro which was priced around Rs 10,000 lesser than its competitors without compromising on essential features.

The new, low-cost Mojo will also likely fulfil all the requirements of the customers as the outgoing version. If the upcoming Mojo is priced lesser than the Dominar, it will create a new benchmark in the segment. After all, its gets a large 300 cc long stroke engine.


Power: 26.82 BHP @ 8000 rpm

Torque: 30 Nm @ 5500 rpm

Gearbox: 6 speed manual

Kerb weight: 182 kg

Top speed: Around 150 kmph


Having proven its touring capabilities time and again, the Mahindra Mojo recently managed to add a feather to its cap by entering the India Book of Records, a collection of national records. Two Mojo owners - Sudeep N S and Yogesh Chavan - managed to ride from East to West of India in just 85 hours, the fastest time ever set by a motorcycle expedition. This equates to just three-and-a-half days. The previous benchmark set by a motorcycle expedition covering a similar distance was 107 hours, and clearly, the riders managed to better that shaving off nearly 22 hours in the process.