Ring it in style: Black is trending in nose rings

By Swedha Radhakrishnan Published on Oct 26, 2017 04:18 PM IST

Nose piercing is gaining popularity among youngsters today. However, the urge and demand is different from person to person.

In ancient times, the nose ring represented the culture but now it is a fashion and style statement.

Girls keep experimenting with different kinds of nose rings so that they can look trendy and different from others.


Black nose rings could be a perfect pick for anyone. They come in various designs and patterns. It is important to pick one that suits the face cut.


To get the bold and fashionable look, opt for the black hoop nose ring. The hoops gives a prominent look. Some of them also have white stones and beads that gives it a stunning look. This type of hoop can be pressed on the nose in case your nose is not pierced. The ring gives you an ultra-modern look with a touch of elegance.


This type of two layer black nose ring are bang on and trendy. It is crafted in pairs, making it eye-catching. This type of ring can be worn with western outfits such as jeans.


This small cute dazzling black star nose ring appears very pretty on girls and women. This star designed nose rings can be teamed up with formal as well any informal party wear. It can be easily flaunted and gives the wearer a cute and bubbly appearance.


These types of black and purple beads in nose rings look heavenly. It is designed in a beautiful pattern and has an awesome colour combination.