Multiple ear piercing now trending among youth

By M P Jesu Priya Published on Nov 09, 2017 03:57 PM IST

Chennai: The arm party (bracelet) is essentially over. While we are still fawning over the layered ring look, a new way to show off your jewellery-prowess is multiple ear piercing.

This trend has strikes a perfect balance between feminine and tough. Piercing in particular have become a huge trend in fashion circles.

Many teenage girls are into piercing, they say that it is more fashionable than wearing bangles.

Those in trend include churning out trompe l’oeil lobe huggers, twirl hoops, ear crawlers and cuffs.

"My friend recently got two piercings done in her ears. She wore delicate diamond and gold studs, elegant crawling snake to boost up her look. That seemed cool, so I too got mine pierced," says Geetha, a college-goer.

Tattoo art is also a fast growing fashion trend. But the process - inking or removing - is quite painful. So many opt for multiple piercing.

There is a theory that women have an emotional connection to their piercings. Although there is minor discomfort at the time of piercing, to boost of exotic earrings seem to over rule it.

"Every one who has this type of piercing feel that such multiple piercing is so much nicer than other forms of jewellery. It has become fine and elegant, like in the 90s," says Akshaya, another college student. She has diamonds in all five of her piercings.

Mini studs

Mini studs or tiny studs is a trending fashion among teenage girls. Small diamond and pearl studs gives an attraction looks.


Assorted piercing is a various sort of earrings put together, which suits for all age group people.

Statement style

A statement stud is a gold plated brass flower hosts glass pearl and diamond studs, making the Flora Statement Stud Earrings the one for styling up any ensemble.

Tiny Hoop

A comfortable long wear tiny hoop earrings gives a dashing look. It is beautiful, delicate look that feels comfy to the ear.