Make a deal at Five Sen5es

By A Harsha Vardhan Published on Oct 12, 2017 03:16 PM IST

Chennai: Five Sen5es, à la carte restaurant at Westin in Velacheri, specialises in South East Asian cuisine with sushi being their main hit. They are currently running a ‘pay what you want to pay’ deal which has been quite welcomed by foodies.

It brings the menu which is slightly priced to fit our pockets. Well marinated salt and pepper prawns was the first to be served and it tasted as good as it looked.

Crisp Mustered fish came in next, and this was the pick among the starters. It was perfectly fried to create a slightly crunchy outer layer and a juicy middle having wonderful flavour which only sea food can provide.

Saliva chicken (don’t get confused by the name), a Szechuan style cold dish was a bit disappointing. Sushi is something that is not to be missed in this restaurant. But unfortunately, on the night we went, they had run out of sticky rice, which is vital for the dish. So we had to make do without it.

Char Siu Bao came in next which is nothing but a fancy Chinese name for steam fermented momos with BBQ pork and sesame seeds stuffing served with Hoisin sauce.

Mapo tofu served in a black bean sauce had minced pork. It has a pungent smell. But if you could overlook that, the tofu was soft, well cooked and tasted good. The slow cooked lamb went well with the ‘lot leaves pork rice’ which started the main course.

The highlight of the dinner was Canton roasted duck served with five spice sauce. Everything from the meat, to the way it was cooked, flavoured and presented was top notch. The duck was easy to cut, which indicated that it was cooked just right. The sauce marinated the meat well and gave it good flavour.

The wok fried chicken, a spicy dish with a hint of hot garlic was also good. Overall, the ambiance of the restaurant is elegant with a distinct oriental touch and well spaced out tables. Lighting and music were optimal and doesn’t distract us from the main attraction - food.

Though the wait time is a tad bit longer than normal, the courteous and professional staff made up for it. Reserving the table was a breeze, but it is advisable to book one day in advance as the restaurant is running close to full capacity. The ‘pay what you want to pay’ deal is on till 14 October. It is open for dinner. Five Sen5es is located at Velacheri Main Road.