Go waterproof

By Swedha Radhakrishnan Published on Jun 07, 2018 03:14 PM IST

Monsoons are here and it is best to be prepared for it. The first thing to do is to have your armour of shoes ready. Here are some simple ideas to stay in style during the rains.

Cool blue

The Birkenstock (German product sandals) lookalikes. These semi-opaque slip-ons are perfectly suitable for this beautiful weather. Add a bit of blue to your feet to go with the weather. It is also washable after you walk in the dirty mud. And the best part is they are just so comfortable.

Classic gladiators

The gladiator sandals have started making an appearance at all stores. Look trendy while walking around in the rain, because these gladiators will make you a street style star for sure.

Shiny sole

Wouldn't it be wonderful to find a formal pair that is totally wearable in the rainy weather?

These classy pair of ballerinas with the right amount of sparkles are perfect to be worn with your formal attire. It is not only meant for formal wears but would match most clothes in your wardrobe.

Glittering bright

You do need a pair of basic sandals to match all your dresses and skirts. The sparkles on the front strap makes this one stylish and trendy. Why should you compromise on the look just because of some rain? 

It is a transparent footwear which doesn't show the dirt on it during the rain walks.

Rainy bow

Aren't these sandals with pretty bows on them just the cutest. The bows add a certain finesse to this pair and makes it wearable on other occasions too. Pair with printed dresses for that extra glam.

Sunshine pair

Add a dash of yellow to make gloomy rainy days more exciting. Shoes that are rainproof and so much fun. Wearing them dull outfits will bring out some sunshine.

Nude criss cross

It gives you that girlish charm. This very simple yet conventional pair of sandals is perfection. The colour is basic, but the utility is great and they are super versatile. Invest in these and wear them through summers too.