Young girl dies at PHC, relatives stage road roko

By NT Bureau Published on Jun 08, 2018 11:07 AM IST

Chennai: A 12-year-old student, Mahalakshmi, from Kammapuram in Cuddalore district, died in a primary health centre allegedly due to non-availability of a doctor.

 The girl, who was at school, fell unconscious in class. She was immediately taken to the PHC at Kammapuram where there was allegedly no doctor to diagnose her condition and treat her. She is said to have died due to lack of medical assistance.

Following this, the relatives and neighbours of the girl staged a road roko at Kammapuram. When asked about this protest, Cuddalore district joint director of Health Department, Jawahar, said, "The girl had already been undergoing treatment for her heart condition and so she died. We will look into the matter of doctors not being present in the PHC."