Woman drowns infant son in tub of water

By PTI Published on Feb 16, 2018 01:30 PM IST

Tirunelveli: A young woman allegedly killed her two-and-a-half month old son, by drowning him in a plastic tub filled with water, upset over her husband suspecting her fidelity, police said on Thursday.

Lakshmi (24) of Vaikalipatti village in the district, drowned the baby, her third child, in the water in the tub at her house and later surrendered to the Village Administrative Officer, they said.

She had been arrested and further investigation was on, police said.

They said Lakshmi was unhappy as her husband suspected her fidelity and indulged in frequent quarrels. The woman was also dejected because the child was suffering from a congenital heart problem, which led to heavy medical expenditure, police said.