Woman cop suspended for drinking while on duty

By NT Bureau Published on Apr 03, 2018 05:28 PM IST

Video grab of the police constable.

Chennai: Within minutes, two videos that surfaced on WhatsApp and other social media was shared by groups and even on YouTube, damaging the image of the police department.

In the video, a uniformed woman police constable is seen consuming alcohol along with a colleague inside a vehicle.

The video, running for more than a minute, features the woman constable holding a glass and conversing with her colleague, who is not visible in the video clip. The constable is seen fumbling due to the influence of alcohol.

The police constable was identified as Zainab Nisha, working with the Saminathapuram police station, near Palani in Dindigul. She was placed under suspension immediately after the authenticity of the video was established by the police.


"Disciplinary action will follow an inquiry," a police official said.

Although it was unclear when the video was shot, the action was taken as police found the woman constable was on duty at the time of the incident.