Why not another AIIMS in Sengipatti?

Chennai: People of Sengipatti in Thanjavur and other rural areas of central region of the State are in a total disappointment as the AIIMS that was about to come up has been moved to Thoppur in Madurai district.

The recent announcement from the State government has let down the people.

Earlier, there was a confusion between the two locations Thoppur and Sengipatti regarding where AIIMS has to be located.

It was later moved to the court where the case took for over two years. Later, the Central Health Department team inspected both the locations.

During the inspection, availability of various facilities was considered as criteria for the location.

The facilities include the availability of high transmission lines, railway station, international airport, highway, and water. Now, it has been announced that the AIIMS will be put up at Thoppur in Madurai.

However, people of the central region claim that the States like Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have two AIIMS. So, Tamilnadu too can have two AIIMS, they say.


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