Mettur dam water level rises to 60 ft

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 03, 2018 05:07 PM IST

Chennai: The level of water at Mettur dam has increased to 60 feet. The overall capacity of the Stanley Reservoir in Mettur is 120 ft.

The inflow into the dam, which was 10,300 cusecs last night, increased to 18,824 cusec this morning.

It is also said 1,000 cusecs water is being let out from the dam for irrigation purposes.

It is being contented in knowledgeable circles that the inflow into the dam is only because of the surplus storage in Karnataka and not because the upper riparian state was acting according to the orders of the Supreme Court.

The dams have been surplussing in Karnataka due to the active southwest monsoon that has been pouring rain since the beginning of June.