Mentally ill man beaten on suspicion of being child lifter

By PTI Published on Aug 30, 2018 12:15 PM IST

Coimbatore: A man was thrashed by the public on suspicion of being a child-lifter at the government hospital here, police said.

The man in his late 20s was found moving around the maternity ward in the hospital, where a strict vigil is being maintained following recent incidents of child lifting, police added.

Growing suspicious, a woman constable attempted to catch him even as he tried to escape after pushing her.

Hearing the commotion, people in the hospital rushed there and started assaulting him. However, senior police officials rushed to the spot and rescued the man.

Preliminary enquiry revealed that the man, Karthi, hailed from Madurai and is said to be mentally ill, police said.

There have been incidents of people being attacked in some parts of the state on suspicion of being child lifters.