Mechanised boat fishermen begin indefinite strike

By PTI Published on Nov 08, 2017 12:21 PM IST

Rameswaram: Mechanized boat fishermen began an indefinite strike here yesterday, protesting government's 'failure' to provide them annual rain relief assistance.

Fishermen association leaders B Seshuraja and R Sagayam told reporters the fishermen pay Rs 1,800 as savings to the Fishermen Cooperative Credit Society ea year.

In the rainy season, Central and state governments each contribute Rs 2,700 to provide total relief of Rs 4,500 each to the fishermen. But this year fisheries officials failed to distribute assistance stating that they had not received any order from the government.

Following this the mechanised boat fishermen decided to go on an indefinite strike, they said. The leaders said the fishermen would lay a siege to the Office of Assistant Director of Fisheries here on Friday and stage a protest.

Rameswaram Fisheries Assistant Director Manikandan said he had already written to higher officials in this regard and waiting for instructions.