'Internet , mobiles led to development of skills'

Vellore: Knowledge-based discoveries and inventions will lead to development of  countries, said Tanzanian High Commissioner in India, Baraka Haran Luvanda.

Inaugurating the 16th International Conference on Science, Engineering and Technology (ICSET) organised at Vellore Institute of Technology here on Monday, he said that ICSET provides an opportunity for the creation of research knowledge and is also a barometer of the growth of research knowledge in various countries.

The recent scientific and technological developments such as internet and mobile applications have helped overcome the confusion and fear in the minds of the people by paving the way for the development of knowledge and skills, Baraka said.

The High Commissioner said that internet and ATM services in banks have facilitated quick financial transactions without the need for customers waiting in queues in banks for withdrawing or depositing money, or transferring to money to the accounts of others.

He said that the growth of renewable energy resources such as solar energy and wind energy has contributed not only to clean technologies but also to the reduction in government expenditure.

Baraka congratulated the VIT University on its achievements in the area of research publications by students and faculty, and the research infrastructure which facilitated this.

Earlier, the High Commissioner released the conference CD.

O P Makinde, senior professor, Faculty of Military Science, Stellenbosch University, South Africa also lauded the VIT for imparting quality technical education and facilitating research.

VIT vice-president G V Selvam, who presided said that while internet and mobile phones have facilitated the quick exchange of knowledge and information, it is necessary for people to be wary of the dangers lurking in the misuse of these gadgets.

A total of 710 professors, researchers and students from 300 universities and colleges are participating in the two-day conference.