German bride, Tamil bridegroom get married in Hindu way

Chennai: A German bride and Indian bridegroom tied the knot in a Hindu wedding ceremony in Dindigul.

Naveensekaran (25) of Dindigul had gone to Germany for higher studies. On completing the course, he found a job and has since settled down there.

Naveen and German woman Theresa Haberl fell in love and decided to get married - but in the Tamil Hindu tradition. The wedding took place yesterday and had all the aspects of a traditional wedding like pada pooja for parents, wearing toe ring, in-laws exchanging garlands. The wedding reached a crescendo with Naveen tying the thali around Theresa neck.

From the bride's side, Theresa's parents, brother, friends and relatives, numbering more than 70, attended the wedding and blessed the couple. The best part was that the men wore veshti and shirt and the women, silk sarees. They also sported flowers in their hair.


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