Forest fire at Parvatham mountains

By NT Bureau Published on Apr 16, 2018 04:05 PM IST

Thiruvannamalai: At a time when the aftermath of the gruesome Kurangani forest fire is yet to die down, another intense forest fire has caught the vegetations of Parvatham mountains in Thirvannamalai district.

Not only that, unlike the Kurangani incident, this forest fire is burning up some of the rare and highly useful medicinal plants in the mountains. Parvatham mountains are located near Thenmadimangalam Village, 20 kms from Polur.

They are a part of Javadhi hills and accessible through Kadaladi village 25 kms north of Tiruvannamalai or through Thenmadimangalam. Parvatham mountains present eight different shapes from eight directions around the hills. At the summit, there is Mouna Guruswamy Ashram and a temple.

Sources said the fire broke out in the wee hours of today morning. Within hours, it started burning trees and shrubs in hundreds of acres of the forests in the hills. The efforts to put off the flames by the villagers nearby went in vain. The sad part is most of the plants which came under fire have medicinal value.

As of now Police and Forest Rangers are trying their best to put off the flames. Efforts are on and officials believe the process will end by today night.