Flood alert: Amaravathi in Tirupur district to be in spate

By PTI Published on Jul 17, 2018 01:37 PM IST

Coimbatore: A flood alert has been issued to people living along the banks of Amaravathi in Tirupur district in anticipation of discharge of water from the dam across the river, which is expected to surplus anytime, officials said.

The water level in the Amaravathi dam stood at 84 feet as against its maximum of 90 feet, and there was a possibility of water being released from the dam into the river once it was full, they said.

People living in low-lying areas along the river downstream have been advised to move to safer places.

Similarly, the forest department has warned the people against entering Panchalinga river in Udumalpet, even as the famous Amanalingeshwara temple has almost submerged.

Meanwhile, incessant rains lashing Valparai in Coimbatore district forced the administration to declare holiday to educational institutions.

Similarly, Nilgiris district administration also declared holidays for schools in Kunda, Pandalur and Gudalur taluks, sources said.