Ex-CEC T N Seshan scotches rumours about him

By NT Bureau Published on Apr 02, 2018 04:58 PM IST

Chennai: Former Chief Election Commissioner T N Seshan’s wife passed away on Saturday (31 March) due to cardiac arrest.

While some reports claimed that the ex-CEC was dead, they turned out to be a rumour. However, the 85-year old, is now left all alone, as the 60-years of companionship with his wife Jaya, has now came to an end.

The couple who tied knot on 1959, when there was a strong belief over horoscopic match, is a standing example for true love and companionship.

The couple who married against the red flag by astrologers, that they would not bear a baby after marriage, led a successful love life all these years.

"When we see beautiful kids, we feel that they belong to us. That was what God decided," Seshan said once.

When Seshan fell ill and confined to a wheelchair, it was Jaya who took responsibility for him. And

now, Jaya’s departure is a devastating news for former CEC.