DMK cheating people by maintaining silence, says Ponnar

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 02, 2018 10:13 AM IST

Kanyakumari: Union Minister of State for Finance and Shipping Pon Radhakrishnan was in his fiery best when he lashed out at extremists and opposition parties in Tamilnadu for instigating protests over various issues.

A day after fishermen from Thoothukudi claimed that they were provoked by two advocates belonging to NGO Makkal Adhikaram to stage a massive agitation against Sterlite which resulted in violence and the killing of 13, the senior BJP leader met the media at Thuckalay here and said, "Who is responsible for the 13 deaths? It is not just the extremists, but all those who triggered emotions in unncecessary and irresponsible manner."

Hitting out at the opposition, he said, "Why are DMK and other parties not talking (about the role of extremists)? They are saying the government is wrong, but they should tell in detail what is wrong. However, they are not ready to do it."

He said those opposing developmental projects are against the progress of Tamilnadu and against the well-being of Tamils.

"Walking away from the Assembly is easy. I would like to make one thing clear. After the firing, when the Assembly was convened, the DMK, by forgetting its responsibility, did not attend the session and cheated the people of Tamilnadu in a big way. Only after there was protest from people, they went back to the Assembly. But even after that, they did not raise right questions."

Asked about the rise in fuel prices, he said, "Subsidies given during Congress regime and the stunts they did for votes created huge damage to the economy. We are doing lot of things to set it right. Moreover, the government was fixing petrol-diesel prices earlier, but that is not the case now."

He added, "They (Congress) spoiled the country for 60 years. They committed sins, we are addressing them. Which will take more time - demolition or construction? Already there are signs of growth. And after the BJP's victory in next elections, all would enjoy the benefits. Already it is there, more growth will come."

Stating that a campaign is taking place to destroy the State, he said there are many organisations that are out to systematically destroy Tamilnadu by targetting the officials and public.

"They had diverted the attention of the fishermen protesting against Sterlite’s copper smelter plant in Thoothukudi and drove them to the situation warranting police firing. If stern action is not taken on such elements, then Thoothukudi-like situation will prevail in other parts," he said.