Around 50 persons injured in jallikattu

By PTI Published on Feb 19, 2018 11:41 AM IST

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Coimbatore: At least 50 persons were injured in the bull taming sport of 'jallikattu' held in nearby Tirupur, police said.

About 500 bulls and more than 510 tamers from across 17 districts of Tamilnadu participated in the event held at Alagumalai in Tirupur, which was inaugurated by State Minister Uduamalai K Radhakrishnan.

Around 50 competitors sustained injuries and of them 18 were treated at private and government hospitals, police said. Others with mild injuries were given medical aid at the venue itself.

Claimed to be the first ever jallikattu in Tirupur, the event was organised by a private organisation. Those who succeeded in taming the bull received prizes like two wheelers, gold and silver coins, vessels and saris, they said.

The sport, traditionally held during the harvest festival 'Pongal' in mid-January especially in southern districts, has been held this year in several other parts also, including this western region.

Jallikattu marked its return on full scale this year after remaining banned following a Supreme Court order in May 2014 before the state government last year brought an ordinance to facilitate its conduct at the height of a massive protest held at Marina Beach in Chennai and several places across the state.