Anukreethy mom opens up about Miss India

By Naomi N Published on Jun 21, 2018 12:43 PM IST

Chennai: The city is celebrating the success of 19-year-old Anukreethy Vas, who was crowned Miss India on 19 June in a grand ceremony in Mumbai. Closer home in Trichy, in a middle-class household, her mother M Seleena is busy sharing her happiness with those who drop in or call over the phone to congratulate her daughter.

She has been busy since Anukreethy won the beauty pageant. "Anukreethy will reach Chennai on 26 June," she kept repeating to eager mediapersons.

Anukreethy’s success is more or less her mother’s success too. "I did not go to Mumbai due to health reasons and because Anu said if she lost out on the pageant she did not want to cry on seeing me."

With no live telecast, Seleena depended on Instagram stories for updates. "When I knew she was going to win, I could not stand properly. I felt wobbly and even now I can’t express in words how I feel. I would have been equally happy if she became top 15, 6 or even top 3. But Anukreethy used to say, 'That is not enough, I am the title winner'."

Seleena is a single parent to Anukreethy and her brother who has just completed class 12. "She got fully involved in modelling and short films in the past two years in Chennai. She was also part of dance competitions and athletics in school. She made sure she always came first. Her dance teacher motivated her too. She was an active child, always in front of the camera or the mirror doing make-up and dancing," says Seleena.

But it has not been an easy journey. In Trichy, girls who wore jeans or ‘modern clothes’ or those from middle-class families who thought about modelling were spoken about, that too with a single parent. It was a way of saying they were treading on the wrong path.

"People have come home to complain about her or advise me to not let her enter the field. But Anukreethy kept telling me to have confidence in her. I believe she is responsible. She always wanted to make something for herself and I let her be," says the mother.

This attitude, Seleena feels, stems from her daughter growing up with just one parent. "If she had both parents she would have had everything and would not worry on making out something for herself, like a name for herself. Now she has the responsibility to take care of herself and her mother and brother," she smiles.

Seleena works at Capgemini and often could not afford the make-up and clothes for Anukreethy. "I am a simple woman. I do not know about make-up or dressing up. Anukreethy came to Chennai to live her dreams of modelling. So, she acted in short films to finds funds for her make-up and accessories. It is her hard work and my self-confidence in her that won her this fame and success. I allowed her to choose the field she had the taste for."

With acting offers are coming her way since she became Miss Tamilnadu, Seleena is keen that she completes BA French in Loyola College.

Anukreethy, who is basking in the attention she has been receiving after winning the Miss India title, has said her idol is actor Vikram.

"She idolises Actor Vikram for several reasons. He has the talent, but no background in the industry unlike Vijay and Suriya and keeps re-inventing himself every time. That is what Anukreethy says she is too," explains her mother.


Anukreethy coined her surname as Vas using the first alphabets of her grandfather, father and mother.