Andavan ashram seer buried

By PTI Published on Mar 21, 2018 10:40 AM IST

Tiruchirappalli: The Srirangam Srimath Andavan Ashram Jeer (head) Sri Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikan was buried in the bridhavanan annexe of the ashram near here.

"The Brindhavana Pravesham" (burial) of the jeer took place at the ashram site on the banks of the Kollidam River in nearby Srirangam with thousands of his disciples paying homage to the departed spiritual leader.

The 84-year old Srimath Andavan, as the jeer was reverently known among his Vaishnavite disciples, died of a heart attack at a hospital in Chennai yesterday after a prolonged illness.

Jeers of Sri Ahobila Mutt and Mannargudi Sentalangara mutt and VHP leader S Vedantham were among those who paid homage to the pontiff.

The mortal remains of the seer was adorned with a garland brought from Lord Venkateswara temple near Tirupati before the burial.