WSF World Junior Men's Championship: Egypt wins

By PTI Published on Jul 30, 2018 03:19 PM IST

Chennai: The Egyptians bathed in glory as the unstoppable team ran through the opposition from the start and finished off in style beating England 2-0 in the WSF World junior men's team championship here at the Express Avenue Mall on Sunday.

This is the sixth time, the last being in 2014 in Namibia, that Egypt is winning the team title. Egypt thus won the gold medal and England settled for the silver.

Yet for all this, it must be said, England did not give the honours on a platter. The English boys tried their skills in the forecourt even while matching the rival's flashy drives on both flanks.

But as Marwan Tarek, the man who gave the lead with his win over Nicholas Wall, showed the Egyptians had enough of everything to meet the task.

If it was the stooping and streching efforts needed at the forecourt or the quick dash to the back wall, the Egyptians be it Marwan or the next in line Omar El Torkey showed their adeptness.

Marwan for sure was stretched to the limit in the first game at 10-10. But Marwan grabbed that game on extra points. Things were lot easier from there for Marwan as Wall tended to give in after initial resistance.

More or less similar was Torkey's experience against Samuel Todd next.  Todd had looked ready to wrest the first game at 11-10 score but that is where the Egyptian rival's resilience had to be complimented. Torkey kept his cool and ensured that the onus was on Todd to win that crucial point.

Only it was not to come as the Egyptian worked his way up and took the game at 13-11.

Marwan said he was happy that he could contribute to Egypt's triumph. fter losing the singles final I was keen do well here," he said while coach Ahmed Mohamed Motany said "We were eagerly looking for this win. After losing the title two years ago to Pakistan, winning here was our main goal. I am happy the boys did it," he added.

Teams Czech Republic and USA placed third and earned the bronze medal. Host India finished 11th overall.


Egypt (1) bt England (3) 2-0 (Marwan Tarek bt Nicholas Wall 12-10, 11-6, 11-7; Omar El Torkey bt Samuel Todd 13-11, 11-4,11-4)