WC: Chennai fans cheer for England

By Abinesh H Published on Jun 22, 2018 03:23 PM IST

Chennai: It is true the football fan base in Chennai mostly comprises of the big six Premier League clubs. Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham which boasts of a star-studded squad. It has become synonymous that every Premier League fan automatically starts supporting England.

The three lions fan base in Chennai is high. Unlike cities like Goa and Kerala where Brazil and Argentina rule the streets. But like every World Cup, England goes in which much hype only to be chewed and spat out by the apex predators like France and Germany. Every World Cup season, England fans believe this edition is theirs and they are winning the cup. However, statistics tell another tale, the team has reached quarters on six different occasions including (2002 and 2006). The 2014 Brazil edition witnessed the worst ever performance by England, pitted in an easy group which saw them earn only a single point and lost twice to Uruguay and Italy.

'The 2014 World Cup was the worst, we had the best team on paper, the likes of Rooney, Lampard, Gerrard and Terry. Each player was in their prime but failed miserably as a unit. This is a scenario for England, all talent but no sync when playing for the country. This season we have hope and with the likes of Kane, Sterling and Alli, manager Southgate as invested heavily in youth and it has already yielded profits.' said Vishnu an England supporter.

Like England, the number of German supporters are high. People can be seen sporting the black, red and yellow colour flag on their faces or wearing the team's jersey at sports bars across the city. Germany's shocker in the opening fixture has still left fans reeling in shock. 'No one could believe what happened, Mexico were beating Germany in their own passing game. The best midfield in the world were carved apart. The neutral fans also could not believe what happened. Hope Germany bounces back.' said Vignesh a German fan.

The World Cup still has not crossed the group stage but there have been so much twists and turns. We have just wait and watch for more heartbreaks.