Cummins clarifies on Kohli comment

By PTI Published on Jul 20, 2018 04:08 PM IST

Melbourne: Australian pacer Pat Cummins today sought to clarify his widely-publicised bold prediction on Virat Kohli, saying it was more wishful thinking than him targeting the Indian run-machine.

During an interview in Sydney recently, Cummins was quoted as saying: "My brave, bold prediction; I'd say I think Virat Kohli is not going to get a hundred and we're going to knock them off over here." The comment, which made headlines in the cricket world, was viewed as Cummins bravely laying down a challenge to Kohli. "I was surprised by the traction the comments I made about Virat got," Cummins was quoted as saying.

Seeking to clear the air, he added, "I was almost trying to do the

opposite to the way they were perceived. I was trying to pay him a

huge compliment and say that my big wish list for the summer was he

doesn't score a hundred. I just basically said I'd love to see Virat

Kohli not make a hundred because he's a really good player."

"He's obviously so important to the team and is such a gun batsman, so

him not scoring runs would go a long way to helping us win. But I

certainly didn't mean to say he's no good because I couldn't hold him

in higher regard."

India will be touring Australia in a few months and Kohli will be keen

to lead from the front. "It was just off the cuff. It was a pretty

relaxed interview to say I'd love for him not to score runs, like I'd

love any international player to not score runs against us."