BSL: Fourth leg of Kabaddi tourney in Tamilnadu

By Aaditya Anand M Published on Jul 19, 2018 03:59 PM IST

Chennai: Bharat Super League for Kabaddi, held across five States in India, conducted its fourth leg of the championships across eight districts in Tamilnadu.

The league is being conducted to unearth talents from rural areas and in Tamilnadu 128 teams took part from eight districts.

Speaking at a press conference in Chennai, Managing Director, Republic of Sports an organisation that works in Rural sports said "Kabaddi is a rural game and players come from rural areas and so the idea was to give a platform to players who could not get selected in national team and Kabaddi league so that was how this league was started in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu."

"We started the league in April in Bihar and now we are in Tamil Nadu. We approached the Kabaddi Association of Tamilnadu. They allotted us districts and there were around 18 teams from each location and totally 154 teams in which there were 12 players in each team. The league was very well supported and we are happy to unearth talents who have the potential to play for the nation. We will continue this league in future and spread it to other parts of India as well," he said.

Former India cricketer Laxman Sivaramakrishnan was the special guest of the event and he said "I think it is a great gesture to conduct a tournament like this in the districts of Tamilnadu from where the sport has originated."

"Kabaddi is one sport which does not have a yo-yo test even though the players had to be extremely fit," he quipped.

"If cricket was not taken to the districts small-town men would not have got the opportunity and we wouldn't have got Mahendra Singh Dhoni," he added.

"This opportunity provided is great for the game of Kabaddi and hope it grows from strength to strength and produces Kabaddi Champions for India who makes the country proud," he said.