3BL reaches out to students

By NT Bureau Published on Jul 28, 2018 03:16 PM IST

Chennai: The 3x3 Pro Basketball League (3BL) hosted basketball coaching sessions for the students of Montfort school and Vaels International school, Injambakkam, here, as part of the league's initiatives to develop the sport at grassroots level in India.

Players like Mahesh Padmanabhan from Chennai Icons and Inderbir Singh Gill from Delhi Hoopers were present at Montfort school, while Hyderabad Ballers' Eban Hyams took part in the coaching session at Veaels International.

The players spent their afternoon with young budding basketballers by coaching them tips and tricks of the game. Speaking about such an initiative, Rohit Bakshi, League Commissioner, 3BL, said, "It gives me immense pleasure to have been able to make such a decision. 3x3 Basketball is a growing sport, and our focus was to give kids with special needs a chance to learn and adapt to the sport. The kids were happier than one would expect, and such a passionate and emotional response motivates us to conduct more such sessions in the future."

Inderbir Singh Gill of Delhi Hoopers was impressed with the interest of the students towards the game. "This was a great session for us, and the fact that these students were so deeply engaged in the game gives us inspiration. You can see on their face that they were listening to each word and that makes our job easier and much more fun. I look forward to conducting more sessions in future," he said.

3BL is the first FIBA-recognized basketball league in India that is being held across six cities at high engagement venues like malls to gain the support of the people in the country. It was held at the Forum Vijaya Mall in Chennai on 21 and 22 July, in which Bangalore Machas emerged as champions.

3x3 Basketball has also been recognized as an Olympic sport and will be introduced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.