You're not private while you are browsing the Net

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on May 03, 2017 04:37 PM IST

Have you ever used incognito browsing? Many use this method to go private or unnoticed from the prying eyes of an employer or a girlfriend. But in reality is this incognito really private?

Many give positive replies. But, the connection is insecure and more vulnerable than regular browsing.

To attain full freedom over network and go unnoticed, use VPN- Virtual Private Network. This is designed and developed for people concerned with privacy.

And you have to be happy for living in India. Across the globe, countries like China are against this private browsing and VPN usage.

As of today, usage of popular social sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., is restricted in China. But many users availed VPN facility to bounce the servers and connect to those sites.

Hopefully, in Chennai, there are no boundaries to access Internet. But you have to be conscious, while using your smartphone or PCs for any unethical activity. Especially, when you are at office or with your girlfriend.

Incognito browsing mode doesn't store history and last visit. But users visiting porn sites on incognito browsing are more vulnerable. Though you're browser doesn't store your visit, the website you visited will store your presence and history of accessed services. Also, the ISP providers are more brilliant than we think. Because, they store everyone who visits them.


Tech giants like Google, Facebook and every ISP provider's only motive in business is profit. To gain that, digital marketing is the key strategy.According to user interest, ads are displayed. To find the interest over a particular subject, the browsing history is used.

These VPN tools are available on PlayStore and official websites. Also, there are free VPN services offered by TOR, Cyber Ghost, VPN Gate, etc. Utilise the best and enjoy safe browsing without worrying about eavesdropping.