What's inside new JioPhone?

The new JioPhone is slowly reaching people after it was launched two months back. So, how is it? What does the new 'free' phone hold?

Reliance Jio describes it as the world's first smart feature phone. And standing by what they said, the phone looks like one and includes a T9 keyboard.

The TFT display is bigger than normal feature phones. Although the phone has a normal keyboard, its keys have special icons that hint they do more than just type alphabets.

A long press on one key opens the Jio Money application. Another key opens the Jio Voice app, which can then dial any number you tell it to. Long press another key and the phone opens the video chat app, which uses the phone's front camera.

As Ambani said, the phone effectively costs zero and comes along with a removable battery, a charging adapter, quick start guide, warranty card and Jio SIM card.

It runs on KAI OS which is a modified version of Firefox OS and supports 22 Indian languages. On storage, the device has 512MB RAM and 4GB internal storage which is then expandable up to 128GB, and powered by a dual core processor.

The JioPhone supports 4G VoLTE, WiFi, GPS, NFC, Bluetooth, and voice assistant and is backed by a 200mAh battery. The feature phone comes with additional benefits such as screen unlock with password, photo lock, 4-way navigation, torchlight, FM radio and lot more.

The device is available only in one colour - black. JioPhone offers free voice, 300 SMS and 1GB daily 4G data for 28 days. There are also weekly plans at Rs 53 and two days plan at Rs 23.

The phone comes for a payment of Rs 1,500 which will be refunded three years hence, when the phone is also returned.