Upcoming iPhone 8 features leaked

By Sricharan R Published on Aug 08, 2017 04:41 PM IST

Chennai: The recent leaks about Apple's soon to be launched iPhone 8 has created waves across many. One thing for sure is that this is going to be different.

The smartphone maker not only marks the 10th anniversary, but is set to make the most radical update to the phone since its inception. Adding more to it, the Cuppertino giant has a lot riding on its shoulders after the relative disappointment that was the iPhone 7.

So far the iPhone 8 has had one of the most leaked details. Confusions across people exists over features and the biggest debate has been regarding whether or not Apple will embed the fingerprint sensor in its the new phone. There are also some reports suggesting wireless charging, an OLED display, face unlock and a lot more.

So what does the upcoming iPhone to have. The new leak has confirmed that the new device will not come with an in-screen fingerprint senor. Here is what we know

No on-screen sensor

The biggest and most surprising information of the HomePod firmware is the fact that the iPhone 8 will not come with the touch ID sensor embedded underneath the display.

Face recognition

Developers have found several references to the term called BKFaceDefect. This confirms a report released a few months back, which said iPhone 8 will come with 3D face unlocking which will allow users to log-in, launch secure applications and authenticate payments.


References to infrared camera to detect a person's face in the dark were also found.

Pearl patch

Pearl is the face ID source code and Apple's 3D face recognition technology that captures more data than a fingerprint scan and is more secure than Touch ID using Pearl.

Tap to wake

The phone is likely to come with a tap to wake feature which will allow users to unlock the smartphone with a single or double tap of the finger. As the iPhone 8 will not come with a physical home key, it is set to come with a virtual home button which will be called the 'home indicator'.

Adding to these, the display is set to be increased to a higher resoultion 1125x2436 display. The leaks also said that the display will be 5.8-inches in size, only 5.15-inches out of those will be usable for content.

The rest will be dedicated to a function area that will occupy the bottom. An updated 3D touch module, IP68 waterproofing, updated rear dual cameras with AR and depth of field features, a TrueTone OLED display, rear facing laser technology for AR apps are all expected with the new launch.

Launch date

There has been no delay in production reported and the phone is expected to be launched at the Apple event that is all set to happen at September.