Uber launches UberEATS

By NT Bureau Published on May 03, 2017 05:29 PM IST

Mumbai: Uber is now getting into the food delivery business in Mumbai, under UberEATS and has partnered over 200 restaurants. "The introduction of UberEATS in India, with Mumbai as the first city to go live with its food delivery service is a major step in our global expansion strategy," UberEATS, head, Bhavik Rathod said.

"We are looking to scale to other big cities including Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata among others going forward, but we don't have a timeline at present," he added. He, however, did not reveal the investments the company has made in setting up the new business in the country.

Last week, UberEATS Asia Pacific, head, Allen Penn said in a blog post, 'I am incredibly excited about bringing UberEATS to India. This is a significant investment, it spans across multiple cities and regions, and it has the potential to change the food industry with the push of a button, in one of the most vibrant food cultures in the world."

UberEATS follows the food delivery business model, charging restaurants a service fee to use its platform and uses third-party delivery. It has already tied up with a 200-300 delivery partners, Rathod said.

Food prices are set by the restaurants according to their menus, while it plans to charge customers a nominal delivery fee of Rs 15 per order inclusive of taxes, Rathod added.