Type in GIFs & emojis with Gboard

By Sricharan R Published on Mar 15, 2017 03:39 PM IST

The Gboard app on Android has improved a lot with the latest update. It now suggests GIF images and emojis to users as they type their messages.

Even in iOS and other messaging apps we have to search for a GIF, even though it suggests a few. Adding more to that the search giant has added more keyboard themes, improved voice-typing, search features support for languages written from right-to-left and also access to Google Translate.

So, with this update, when you start typing inside messaging apps, you will see GIF image searches in the suggestion box. As of now, the support for this feature is not available across all messaging apps.

This suggestion feature supports Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Hangouts, and Allo messaging platforms.

Google says that it has made voice-typing easier and an update to the user interface enables users to switch back to regular typing with ease. The search giant has added more keyboard themes to the app that can be accessed either through Gboard settings or by a press on the theme icon in the quick features menu in the suggestion.

Gboard also supports Google Translate and users can choose to translate messages within the app by accessing the feature from quick feature menu. As you type sentences, the translation tool will get into action and provide you with the translated messages in real time. The app is already available and can be downloaded from Google Play.