Think twice before you sign up for an app

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Apr 17, 2018 05:20 PM IST

Amid the ongoing Facebook data leak row, a new study has said more than 3,300 Android apps on Google Play have been improperly collecting personal data of their users.

Ask a Chennaiite about his/her one-day use of an app, and s/he would certainly say that they use tiny trump cards more often for chatting with dear ones, ordering food and watching videos.

But these apps might become a headache when they overdo their duty. It happens sometimes while installing interesting apps from crooked developers. These developers can be easily identified.

More often, many hesitate to know them. This hesitation may led one to lose their personal data to crooked servers via those good apps. What could be the consequence?

Though the consequence won't be severe at the time of installation, after a while, it may result in sleepless nights, when they find they are one of the victims of a big leak.

So, look at the apps and their details, before installing.

Things to remember, before and after installing an app:

* First, read the description of the app, without holding your breath.

* Scroll down the smooth screen, and learn about the developer from the developer details at the bottom.

* Never accept reviews and ratings as a positive pole for an app. Fake reviews are more common nowadays.

* Look into the permissions the app seeks. For example, if a browser app asks you permission to access their contacts, think twice, even thrice, before you give the nod.

* Check on the flow of language and spellings of each word used in the app. Most crooked developers use bots to pen content for their app. More often, bots make mistakes in creating content.

* Have an eye on background processes of the app, which can be found on program monitor of app settings. If the app starts unnecessarily, then there is something wrong with the app.