Soon, just tap to unblock in WhatsApp

By Sricharan R Published on Dec 12, 2017 02:51 PM IST

Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp, is testing a new feature that includes tap to unblock and private replies in groups. The app is now being tested for over one billion users.

In the latest Android beta version, users can select a contact from the list and can easily block or unblock them with the click of a button. This new action involves one tap and hold button.

The private replies feature will let users reply privately to a person within a group. With this feature, you need not leave the group to reply to someone. 'In future, you will also be able to shake your device while you are in a chat to report something wrong to WhatsApp,' a private website said.

This action will open the contact section, where your logs can be sent to WhatsApp to help them to investigate.

In an iOS update, WhatsApp is also working on an option that will allow users to make a group call.

Another 'Picture-in-Picture' feature will soon let users have a video chat with their friends and simultaneously message someone else. As businesses widely use WhatsApp to communicate with their customers, particularly in Asia, the Facebook-owned service also appears set to launch a brand new app for them.

"While chatting with businesses, you can check your contact`s profile to see which type of account they are using. A verified account has a green checkmark badge in its profile," WhatsApp said.

The much-talked-about WhatsApp for business is currently being tested by a private group and the company will introduce it as WhatsApp Business - a stand-alone app.