Shadow Brokers' idea broken

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Jun 02, 2017 05:24 PM IST

Few weeks back, Shadow Brokers announced a subscription method to get their upcoming leaks. Following that the group on Tuesday wrote another blog post about the payment method for subscription. As soon they posted, security researchers, security firms and actor group went on fund raising activity to get files earlier and avoid future cyber crimes.


On 30 May, the group announced the payment method for the subscription process. They wrote, 'To become a private member for receiving exclusive future leaks, the subscriber has to pay 100 Zcash (Type of cryptographic currency), which is equal to $22,787. Here is the steps below to become a private member.


The person who want to become subscriber have to send 100Zcash to this z_address(zcaWeZ9j4DdBfZXQgHpBkyauHB-tYKF7LnZvaYc4p86G7jGnVUq14KSxsnGmUp7Kh1Pgivcew1qZ64iEeG6vobt8wV2siJiq) from 1 to 30 June.


Then, the subscribers have to include the delivery email address in the encrypted memo field while sending Zcash payment. After that,the group will sent an confirmation email to the delivery email address provided the subscriber.


As soon as the above methods got completed, brokers will send 'mass mail' with the data dumps between 1 to 17 July to the subscribed email addresses. Also, the group confirmed that, the mass email contains a link and a password for the June 2017 dump.


Security researchers are more curious in buying the data dump earlier. Because, last month's WannaCry incident occurred

millions and billions of losses to manufacturers, industries and government bodies. After the spread of WannaCry alone, the researchers found that, the WannaCry created by the tool leaked by shadow broker on last dump.

So, to safe the side of cyber security defense, an security research group attempted to pay for the future data leaks in this week.

But unfortunately, legal advisors and law enforcers warned them and made them to cancel the payment system.


On Wednesday, a group of cyber security researchers attempted for an crowdfunding effort to raise the $25,000 for

shadow brokers future leaks.

Surprisingly, they raised $3,906.62 in 36 hours. But to lawyers and law enforcement experts warnings, they decided to cancel the crowdfunding campaign, after learning about the legal problems in buying stolen hacks from a actor group. Yesterday, the group cancelled the campaign and decide to refund the bitcoins gathered via campaign.