Sarahah: Honestly, it's latest craze on social media

Sarahah is the latest online craze that has flooded the social media. It claims that it can help you in discovering your strengths and areas for improvement by receiving honest feedback from your employees and friends in a private manner.

The app so far in Google Play has got 50,00,000 - 1,00,00,000 downloads while it has topped the list of free apps on Apple's app store.

Sarahah was also on top of Apple app store in over 30 countries in July. It has also become popular on Snapchat with people linking their Sarahah profiles to Snapchat stories.

According to a BBC report, this has over 300 million users already.

What is special? Sarahah allows users to comment on their friend's box by retaining their anonymity.

The app also claims that they won't disclose the identity of the logged-in senders to users except with their consent. Adding more to that people who receive the messages cannot respond. The app-maker is planning to add the option in the near future.

What's in the name? Sarahah literally means honesty in Arabic.

The app needs to be downloaded and the user has to set up their profile with a custom url (For e.g, After completing their registration, the user will get four options - Messages (consists details of your sent, received and favourited messages), Search, Explore (work in progress), Profile.

After logging in, people can search other friends or users they want to send messages to. As of now, the app allows only texts as messages and no graphics.