Ransomware can threaten life

Ransomware attacks around the world have become worse in recent times. Earlier, computers containing sensitive files and documents were the only target of hackers. But now, the scenario has changed.

The situation may even threaten life as can happen through the water that we drink. Ransomware is a malware designed and developed to infect targeted user’s files by locking it and encrypting it.

To decrypt the files, some ransom has to be paid by the user. Now, it has got worse after American President Donald Trump’s inauguration attack. Researchers worldwide are working to get this resolved. Among them, researchers from Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT) demonstrated their research work which gave a warning to all nations around the world. Ransomware can threaten life They worked on a particular Ransomware called ‘Dubbed logic locker’ in a simulated environment to gain access to automated water plant connecting cities. Their research was successful.

But this is not happy news, because this malware is designed to kill human beings through water. This malware was presented at 2017 RSA conference in San Francisco, which allowed researchers to alter the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) of industrial control plants. PLCs are the tiny computers which control critical industrial control system and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) infrastructure such as water treatment plants in a metro city. As a result, it gave fake results to the researchers and allowed them to alter the amount of chlorine in it. Hopefully, this has not yet happened.

But there is a possibility that it might occur in the future. As a developing country, we, too, face a risk of such attacks. To avoid these attacks, researchers suggest some techniques such as protecting the password of SCADA and changing it occasionally. But equipping regularly with respect to updates may help in safe and secure connection.


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