Privacy is collateral in fight against terror

Chennai: Privacy of every person is similar to the freedom that we have in a democratic country. But, recent actions of the UK government in handling digital data seems to worry many users, as it may become a threat to their privacy.

Two years ago, Wikileaks and UK media Guardian published several stories on privacy threat of US citizens by its government.

It all happened because of Snowden.

Now, the UK has invited tech and social media giants like WhatsApp, Facebook, Google to open a backdoor in their encrypted network. Through this backdoor, UK intelligence will spy on terrorist accounts. But there are chances highlighting that this spying may mislead some officers to look into citizens’ accounts by interfering with their privacy.

In the US, the situation in the Senate house in handling digital data is outrageous.

During a recent voting session in the US a set of regulations favourable for the profit of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) like Verizon in digital advertising was brought in. As of now, 50 representatives are in favour of it and 48 are against it.

If the regulation is successfully amended, ISP agencies will sell the data about what we browse and search to advertisers and earn money. And it will be a boon for the US economy, but a bane to privacy. Both are a threat to citizens’ privacy.

People worried about their privacy can opt for VPN connection - virtual private network - that hides your geo-location and turns you to be anonymous. And incognito browsing yields good results.


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