PlayStation Now brings PS4 games to your PC

By Sricharan R Published on Mar 16, 2017 02:59 PM IST

Ever expected to play PlayStation game with PS setup in your PC? PlayStation Now (PS Now), Sony’s Netflix-like game streaming service, will let subscribers play PS4 games in PC.

This lets you play PS4 games on Windows PCs as well as the PS4 itself. Users can play games rather than buying game discs. This may bring a massive change as there is a huge amount of PC and Netflix users all around the world. PC gamers could see greater value in PlayStation Now depending on how this is implemented.

The date for the launch has not been revealed yet.  As of now, Sony is testing it, making a launch date likely soon.

Sony also outlined that PS Now uses cloud saves. Much like Microsoft’s Xbox Play Anywhere Program you can start a game on the PS4 and play on another PS4 or a Windows PC. This move could explain Sony dropping support the PS3, several smart TVs and the PS Vita.

This will let users to add PS Now subscribers and there will be an increase in Netflix users.

The PS4 console is still selling extremely well and the company is making profit out of it. This new addition will be an additional option for Sony. A rollout in India isn't on the cards in the immediate future due to Internet connectivity not being the greatest. Sony recommends 5Mbps or higher speeds.