Paytm launches messaging, image sharing features

By Sricharan R Published on Nov 07, 2017 04:57 PM IST

Digital payment platform Paytm recently rolled out a new messaging feature called Paytm Inbox. It is just another app that allows users to chat using messages and share images. Users can also send and receive money through the inbuilt wallet.

The app also has the new Whatsapp features called the delete for everyone and live location sharing.

The update as of now is available for Android users and the updated for iOS will be out soon.

How Inbox works?

In Apple devices the new messaging app is to be placed on the bottom bar. This works like any other messaging app as us can click on the Inbox and start chatting to others.

Paytm uses linked phone number, if you press the new message button, it shows you the phone numbers of all your friends who use the app as well.

And on the whole it looks like a standard text box. One disappointing UI element is that the text box is just a single line. This means that if you type a slightly long text of more than five or six words, you can't see what you were saying at the beginning on the sentence,  making it harder to edit your message before sending it. Users will also see icons for camera, gallery, send and receive money and a location icon.

The company in a statement said that the messaging platform is encrypted end-to-end, and users can initiate private conversations and create group chats. They can also send photos and videos instantly, share live location, capture and share moments with the built-in camera. There is also a feature allowing users to recall their messages using 'Delete for All'.

A rival to WhatsApp?

Paytm founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma had earlier said that the upcoming chat feature was not a competitor to WhatsApp. The chat giant is the most popular messaging platform in India and has 200 million active users in the country. It is also planning to making its entry in to the digital payment platform and is soon expected to add the UPI integration.

This makes the app where people can exchange messages with a chatbot to book movie tickets, and complete the payment, all from within WhatsApp. And, Paytm which now holds a huge platform in the country, with a user base that grew exponentially after the demonetisation. The company claims that it has over 200 million wallets.

Adding this messaging feature the two companies are growing to be more alike, but they're coming to the same place from different directions.

So is it going to be a war on the e-wallet platform too? With Paytm pumping more money, it should be a yes!