Operate your operating system

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on May 16, 2018 01:03 PM IST

It's frustrating to work on a computer which often hangs and tends to ring the emergency bell as it threatens to make the system crash.

But before reverting to the blinking pop-ups, the user will carry out a debate in his mind whether to act according to it or against it

However, before s/he comes to an conclusion, the operating system shuts itself into a bluescreen - sometimes green screen - with a message (according to the user's preference), "The operating system has crashed... Please wait for a while....". But the while is not actually a while and not even minutes, it's hours - if your computer has a lot many graphic programmes installed.

To avoid this chaos from happening, here are a some simple steps to be adopted to get your computer up and running.

* Literally, it's not fair, when you are working on a system that runs an outdated operating system. It is not because the manufacturer has disconnected the operating system, it's because you won't get any updates and you will have to survive with bugs and backdoors opened for hackers. Through these doors, the actors access everything that your system has.

* Sometimes you get updates and but you ignore them. Those updates are not for long-term survival, but might be a helping hand in the short-term. But if you're running a open source operating system, be it Linux- or a Unix-based one, upgrade them carefully, after going through each description.

* There are certain situations you tend to avoid like cleaning the temporary files. But even during those situations, avoid depending on cleaning programmes to do your work.Stick to the saying: Self help is the best help and run command line where you have to enter %temp% to unload the junk from folders.

* Avoid feeding the programmes installed on your system with unnecessary updates. Other from squeezing your processor, it kills your online processes in seconds.