New lensless camera to create revolution in photography

Imagine using a camera which doesn't have a lens but rather just a regular pane of glass or perhaps any window which can become a lens. This is the future that awaits camera technology.

Electrical and computer engineers of University of Utah have found a way to create an optics-less camera.

In a research paper titled 'Computational Imaging Enables a ‘See-Through’ Lensless Camera,' published in the issue of Optics Express, the engineers have explained how their technology works. The project was helmed by associate professor of University of Utah, Rajesh Menon, along with his team.

The engineers took a picture of the University's 'U' logo. They also captured a snap of an animated stick figure which were both displayed on an LED light board.

The side of a plexiglass window was connected by an inexpensive off-the-shelf camera sensor. The camera sensor was pointed into the window while the light board was positioned in front of the pane at a 90-degree angle from before the sensor.

With the help of a computer processor which ran the algorithm, the resulting image from the camera sensor appeared in low-resolution picture. Manoj also revealed in a recent press release that the method can also be used to produce full-motion video as well as colour images.

This camera will be a game changer as it will help the user experience a whole new option while capturing photographs or videos. It can also be used for security purposes like using windows at home. Thus, it will act as both a lens to capture whatever happens outside your home and a traditional window.

The lensless camera can also be used in augmented-reality goggles which will help in reducing its weight. By using this technology, it can be positioned on the sides of the lens in AR glasses to reduce the size and weight. Even a car windshield can have several multiple lensless cameras along the edges to capture more information.

The possibilities are endless for this new technology.


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