National defence weak to hacking?

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Sep 05, 2017 03:28 PM IST

People have shifted their lifestyle from manual to automatic through Internet of Things (IoT). Then why are governments interested in waging war with guns and bullets? Except for a few, many have shifted their style and way of fighting from the physical to virtual.

WikiLeaks' massive mail breach about cyber espionage in May this year could be the credible example for this.

Another famous hacktivist group, Anonymous, wrote much about cyber war and other happenings via blogs and social media.

A day after Express Lane tool leak-one of the Vault 7 leaks published by WikiLeaks on their official website, the notorious hacking group hacked the website and prevented many users across the world from using the tool for sometime.

The technical team of the whistleblower got their service back.

Since the beginning of the year, WikiLeaks has been publishing the continuous chain of Vault 7 leaks from Project Dark Matter in March to Angel Fire last week.

This tool Express Lane can be considered a major leak as it holds more surprises for actors to exploit the national defence of many developing nations, including India.

According to WikiLeaks, "OTS/I2C has an established effort to provide liaison services with a system that collects biometric information. ExpressLane v3.1.1, and supporting tools, was developed to support OTS/I2C in their efforts to verify that this data is also being shared with the Agency. ExpressLane v3.1.1 provides an ability to disable the biometric software if liaison doesn’t provide the Agency with continued access."

As per the leaked documents, the tool is used by CIA agents to access the biometric details of users across the world. As per media reports, US military once used the tool to find Osama bin Laden in Afghanistan. As soon as the team leaked the tool, the infamous hacking group hacked the website.

Meanwhile, several controversies have been clinched to WikiLeaks editor and the journal from President Trump's administration. There is a rumour the hack to happen by the mine is a milestone for future cyber war.