Indian fashion startup Coutloot makes old, new!

It is heard that the social networking website Facebook has invested on a Indian fashion startup, Coutloot.

They have put in around $40,000 in this store. So what is so special about this 'FbStart' programme. This one helps developers grow their startups by giving them valuable tools and services. It also gives them opportunities to engage with Facebook team and participate in worldwide events.

In an effort to understand what Coutloot is we found that it has a website and also available both on iOS and Android.

What is Coutloot?

The concept of the app is like OLX. You can sell your belongings to people who are interested in buying them. This can be done for clothes, shoes and accessories. The app is no different from a regular online shopping app. At first, the only visible difference is the option for selling stuff, which appears the moment you open the app.

Apart from the 'Sell' button on the homepage, there are some categories that you can select to refine your search. There are men and women sections and variety of categories to choose from. There is a category called Blogger's Closet.

This shows clothes from various fashion bloggers that you can buy. Another category is Top Looters. It has a few selected people in the list and you could buy clothes from their closets. Coutloot has everything that you may need in your closet including clothes, shoes, accessories, bags, footwear, scarves and even mobile phone cases.

When you start browsing you'll see that unlike most shopping websites, where pictures of clothes are worn by models, Coutloot has pictures uploaded by owners itself. It may also be just the picture of outfit hung somewhere. This give a clearer picture of what the dress actually looks like. When you add filters to your search, you won't see options to sort clothes according to colour or style, but just by size and product condition.

Product condition further has four categories - hardly used, gently used, new without tags and new with tags. It is quite a useful feature, because it lets us know what to expect of the product when it arrives. The app also gives an option of negotiation, so you can actually request the owner of the product to sell it to you at a lower price, than the one stated in the app. Your order via Coutloot takes at least 7 to 10 days to get delivered.

For selling an item you need to submit a picture of what you want to sell and the product gets reviewed by experts. Only then they approve or disapprove it. Once that is done, you can go with the option of direct listing, white glove service or bulk selling. The app only accepts products that are less than 5 years old and are made by upscale, mid-scale and luxury brands. Also keep in mind that you can only sell freshly laundered items. Anything damaged or dirty isn't approved.


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