Indian corporate honchos careless over cyber security

By Balamurugan Selvaraj Published on Jun 12, 2017 05:15 PM IST

Chennai: Recent reports and researchers’ findings say that India may face cyber war, which may result in losses running into millions and billions due to insecure firewall and industrialists carelessness.

This comes in the wake of the global threat, WannaCry, and its effect on Indian cyber security.

It is not mandatory for a CEO or an industrialist to look at cyber security. But it was this mentality that made many industries suffer the ransomware attack last month.

This month, security researchers revealed a report that around 50-70 per cent of companies, including those in Chennai, don’t care about the company’s cyber security and fail to inspect their corporate server’s firewall.

A few weeks back, Control Risks, a global security consultancy firm, conducted a poll with 500 IT and business leaders across 20 countries.

They found that many board directors don’t consider cyber security important which had led many companies to suffer the recent cyber attack. Before them, Kaspersky’s Q1 data report of this year revealed statistics on cyber crimes in relation to countries.

In that report, India has been placed sixth with 30 per cent of malware attacks taking place through smart phones and apps installations.

Besides these reports and data, Checkpoint Cyber Security Consultancy’s online monitoring of data on firewalls found heartbreaking information. For many years, the consultancy has been monitoring world-level cyber attacks through ‘Threat Cloud’ powered by ‘ThreatCloud Intelligence’. Today alone, 10,132,457 cyber attacks have happened from 12 midnight to 10.27 am across the world, it said.

Regarding India, it said this week it witnessed around 32 per cent bot communication attacks,18.1 per cent attacks to access resources and 49.4 per cent other attacks made on Indian servers by hackers from USA and other western countries. India is ranked third as the most targeted country in cyber attacks by dominant countries like the US, Russia and Germany.

Principal consultant of Cyber Society of India, V Rajendran, told News Today ,"Many industrialists and corporates do not care much about cyber security, which led to the recent ransomware attack. We are addicted to reducing complexity in handling accounts and data. This leads to increase in cyber attacks. The more we go for easy access, the more we have security flaws.

Also, no one checks external features of the product, like firewall. The only way to stay away from threats is to use upgraded versions of software, operating system and trusted firewalls. Before buying or installing a firewall, the user must read the features and use accordingly."

Corporates and users must be blamed for the whole situation. Easy access and reduced security awareness lead India to be the second targeted country in cyber attacks, says an ethical hacker from Chennai.


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