Idle phone, active GIF in Samsung models

By NT Bureau Published on Apr 03, 2018 01:55 PM IST

Samsung has revamped its Always-On Display facility with the ability to show GIFs on the screen when a handset is not active. It works only with the Galaxy series, specifically with Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+ and Galaxy Note 8.

The new GIF support is available for the Always-On Display version now. It is expected that the new feature will eventually find its way to the Galaxy S9 family in future.

Since February 2016, the Always-On Display has been a part of the Galaxy family. Until now, like in many other competitor handsets, users had the option to only have a clock or a still image on the display when the handset is idle, apart from notifications.

With this, one can either select one of the pre-loaded GIFs or add one from the gallery. However, there are limitations to the duration of the GIF. Therefore, one needs to tap the edit button in the gallery and trim the GIF to make it compatible with his/her device.

Also, the GIF will not be played in an endless loop. It will play once when the display turns off. But, a person can double tap the screen in idle mode to play the GIF another time. All these tweaks are designed to make the GIF support battery efficient.

To get the GIF support on your Samsung device, make sure that you are using the latest Always-On Display app. The new addition also requires your handset to run Android Oreo.