Google's Triangle app will help save mobile data


Saving mobile data has been a serious issue when the e-world is in your hands. Google has now found a solution and has launched a new Triangle app that is aimed at saving that precious data from being wasted unnecessarily.

As of now, the app is in testing mode and will soon be reality. Triangle is now being tested only in the Philippines, and most of the features work only for Globe and Smart prepaid users. This app is designed mainly for those regions where data caps are still a big deal still.


Triangle app sees your current data usage, looks at your data cap, checks data balance and uses a feature called Data Saver to block unwanted data usage. It will also individually block apps from using data and lets you set a time-frame within which the apps can use data (10 to 30 minutes).

It also allows Globe and Smart prepaid users to download and try new apps without risk of running out of data and get extra data by using apps you have and love. This new feature with the app will be available for only select apps.


The app now promises to give 100 MB data as welcome gift to Philippine users after completing registration. 'Get the most out of your mobile data pack. Triangle is a new app being tried out in the Philippines that helps you better manage your data usage and block unwanted background data,' the app says.


The app is in the test phase and will be released for a larger audience soon, with support for more networks.


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