Google redesigned to catch journalism market

Chennai: Google tech giant has changed its outlook in the news section to ease users access. One of the biggest news compiler used by millions, has now became attractive and has easy navigation.

The new layout comprises of story boards, videos, settings and UI tab. Though, the new design is not yet released in India, it has been put to use in US.

The upgrade is designed for readers to enhance more readability. Also, the new layout focuses on key elements, which includes publisher names and article labels. The navigation column placed on the left can be customise.

This design also allows readers to jump to news section quickly. At the top of the page, a new navigation bar has been included for Headlines, which includes local and international news. After signing in, users can personalise the 'Local' and 'For You' tabs.

In 'Local' you can track stories from any part of the world that you care about - from your hometown to where you do business to where you went to school. In 'For You' users can pinpoint niche interests and create their own mini news feed. Story cards helps the user to explore different perspectives of an issue. The first view offers a quick glance into a story.

The 'Full Coverage' page, as the name suggests, lets you immerse yourself in coverage about a story or issue that you want to dive into.

Accessed from the story card, this page gives range of articles with a diversity of perspectives. So, it will be easy for users to sort stories by relevance or date, see top videos and browse top news topics in the 'Related' block.

Last year, the firm introduced Fact Check label for accessing facts in the story. Now, Google added a Fact Check block on the right column of Headlines that shows the top fact checked articles recently published. Unfortunately, the feature is currently available in US alone.

Videos have become central to news storytelling. They have improved the algorithmic selection for top videos, highlighted the top video in a story card, and built a better player. While playing a video, more related videos will be available in the player.

To gain control over news, Google made some alterations in settings tab, which could be easier update.

As ever said, Google's motto of combing everything in a single place also carried here. In addition Google makes the change the names of the sections, edit existing sections, type in interests you want to see in the 'For You' stream, and also identify news sources.

Regarding the new design, product manager of Google News, Anand Paka, wrote in a blog post, "The new UI has a clean and uncluttered look, designed for comfortable reading and browsing. We’ve adopted a card format that makes it easier to browse, scan and identify related articles about a story."

"People have told us these labels identify important facets of a story and provide more context. As a result, whenever possible, we now show a second labeled article in addition to the top headline for each story. This way you can see additional context on stories immediately even as you are scanning," he added.


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