Facebook 2.0 is here

Facebook has long been associated with blue and square and it is common across mobile and desktop interface. Those associations will soon change to grey and circles as Facebook is getting revamped. The new changes include comment box, Like button and a lot more.

Now the app will appear circular rather than square in News Feed. Twitter made a similar move in June, with users predictably reacting to the change with anger.

Making changes in the Like button, the social network has made it larger and easier to tap and no longer filled in black. Both the Comment and Share icons also changed similar to the Like.

As in the Comment section, users will see the box appear inside a grey bubbles. This makes it easy to see which comments are direct replies to another person.

Facebook says it has also made link previews larger, increased colour contrast so that typography is more legible and easier to return to News Feed.

In News Feed, the makeover also features changes that make it easier for viewers to see where a link may take them before clicking. Another big change likely are the circular profile pictures, replacing square pictures, to match the rounded-down, monochrome look.